Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh What A Beautiful Day

We had a beautiful day today.  The sun was out and the birds were singing, the sky was a beautiful blue and NO SNOW OR COLD!!!  Hallelujah.  The air was so nice and fresh and crisp.

I did lots of cleaning today and have lots more to do.  I think it is called spring fever.  I always feel so good whenever everything is clean.  If it would only stay that way.

I have a few new things to show you.  First off, I ordered a sign from Kath  and it is great. She does such great work.100_1201

Thank you Kath.  Funny thing about this, I received it last Saturday and hung it up in my kitchen and didn’t tell my hubby about it.  He just noticed it today.  He said he noticed it in the middle of the week when I asked him about it.

Also, I found the rugs to go on the new kitchen floor.  They go so well with everything that I have in my kitchen. They are black so I will have to vacuum more than I do because they show everything and when we come in from  outside and have dead grass on our shoes, it really shows up.



This is why I bought rugs with chickens on them.  I have many chickens.  A friend of mine gave me the bakers rack several years ago and I am always doing different things on it.  I have my chickens on here for now, but don’t know for how long.  This is not near all I have but I don’t need all of them out 100_1196

or it would be too cluttered.

I hope each and everyone of you have a good Sunday.  Until next time -

Hugs -


Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Wow, what a great bunch of questions.  You made me do some serious thinking on some of them.  Hopefully I won’t bore you with the answers.

1. Q.  What is the strangest thing that you have that is not used for it’s original purpose?

A.  I don’t know if it is a strange item, but I have a salesman sample possum belly table that I use as a night stand next to one of my iron beds.  It has the metal for the belly under part .  I also have a 2 drawer possum belly work table that has wood for the under part.   I was very fortunate to get this, because as soon as I bought it, a dealer walked in and wanted to buy it.  He was not a happy person when he found out it was sold. Here is a picture of the little one.


2.  Q. How tall are you?

A.  I am 5’2” and yes I do have eyes of blue.  I am the shortest one in my family.  At times, it is a handicap to be short but at other times it can be to my advantage.  I played sports, when I was much younger, and in softball, it helped being short, I could run faster.   The one thing about being short, is that weight loves to be attracted to you and it sticks to you like glue.

3. Q.  I would like to know more about the Miniature Schnauzers that I have pictures of and some background on them.

A.  This will be a lengthy answer so hold on to your chairs.  Max, the oldest one, is our dog.  We rescued him from the animal shelter when he was 3 years old and we are his 3rd owner.  His is very lucky to be alive because the last time he was picked up by the animal control officer, before we got him, he was on a busy U.S.highway.  He is such a joy to us.  He will be 14 on the 26th of this month, is a diabetic and is blind.  We know his time with us is short but we are making the best of it with him.  He went to the vet today for his blood sugar check and we have to up his insulin to 14 units twice a day, one shot in the morning and one in the evening.

Murphy, the youngest one, is one of our 4 grand dogs.  One of our daughter’s Shar-Peis passed away a year ago this past January and she was having a difficult time not having her “Sadie” around.  Our daughter has always been around dogs from the day we brought her home from the hospital.  She and her husband got Murphy after the death of Sadie.  We got to keep him at Christmas time and it was good for Max to have a pup around.  He really came alive.  We are a family of dog lovers. 

Dan, if you are reading this, I got tickled when I read your dogs names, Payton& Parker, those are the names of my pastor’s grandsons.  Just a side note. LOL

4. Q. Regarding the flooring we put down, are they interlocking pieces and how long did it take?

A.  They are interlocking pieces and are so easy to install.  We did the kitchen and that was the most complicated room because you need to move all of your appliances out, even your dishwasher.  By the time it was completely finished with trim and everything, it took about 4 days.  I helped on the weekend, but went back to work on Monday.  I know that sounds like a long time, but there are so many cuts to make around the cabinets and in the pantry, etc.  It does not show scratches because we had a large appliance dolly to move the appliances and it had a rough blade on it and it didn’t harm the floor at all.  If we can do it, anyone can do it.  We plan to do our bedroom next and that should be a breeze, just straight rows and not take so long.

5.  Q.  How are you and your hubby going to spend Valentines Day?

A.  We had a progressive dinner on Saturday evening with our Sunday School class. We went to 3 different homes with 3 different courses.  Each home was beautiful with lots of good food and fun.  On Sunday, after church, we went out to eat.  I got some beautiful tulips from my hubby.


Here is what I took to the progressive dinner, red velvet cupcakes.


6.  Q.  If you had a Prim magic wand - “ab-ra-ca-da-bra” and you could use it only once, what would ya use it for?

A.  My oh my, so many wishes, but only one can be had.  I would have a home built to look like it was from the 1700’s or 1800’s or possibly a log cabin but with my modern plumbing and appliances inside.  Either one of these would be fine.  Is this being selfish?

Log Cabin  House

7. Q.  Was I a good student?

A.  Yes, my parents would not let me participate in certain things if I didn’t have good grades.  Neither one of my parents finished high school.  My mother went through the 8th grade and my dad through the 10th grade.  They had to stay at home and work, don’t get me wrong please, they were both very smart people when it came to business. My parents wanted better for both my sister and me.  Both of us made the honor roll.  It was a requirement or we didn’t go anywhere besides not participating in things. They were raised by the old school and that is how they raised us, hard work and education.

8.  Q.  What is my favorite prim piece?

A.    My hutch which was built in 1879 with 3 different types of wood; cherry, walnut and pine.  It has a big rat hole chewed at the bottom of the doors.  I looked a long time for something like this so I would have to say this is my favorite piece. We bought many of our pieces back when they were not so expensive.  No one wanted them but me and another friend of mine.  We bought them when the getting was good.  Here is a picture of it.


Well, that is it.  I hope you enjoyed my answers and didn’t bore you too much.  I probably gave your more information than you wanted to know.

Everyone have a blessed week and hopefully some warm weather will come to all of us.


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Question Time

Hi Everyone -

First off, I have been remiss in thanking everyone for the wonderful comments you have been leaving on my blog.  I feel like if I would meet you in person, I would know you; it is as if we are one big family and that such a nice feeling.

I have been reading on some blogs where people ask you questions and, if they aren't too personal, you answer them back.  It is really interesting what people are asking about and the answers that go with them.  I love hearing about how everyone got into certain forms of decorating, etc. 

I have given this a lot of thought, and if you would like to ask me a question, go ahead and I will try and answer it the best that I can.  I will give everyone until February 15 to ask their questions and I will post answers on February 16. Leave me a question on this post.  That gives everyone 4 days.  This should be interesting.  I'm sure that my family members, who read this, will REALLY be interested in what I have to say.

No pictures this post, but I have to say, I am so ready for spring.  We still have snow on the ground, not near as much as those of you who live up North.  I do feel for you.  We really need sunshine too.  It makes everyone feel better and also be in a better mood.

My bulbs that I planted last fall are coming up and the crocus should be blooming in another couple of weeks.  I will post pictures when they bloom.

Better go.  I am looking forward to your questions.  If I don't post before Valentine's Day, everyone have a wonderful day with their loved ones.