Sunday, March 21, 2010

Makeovers and Snow

This week was spring break for the kids from our state.  It was warm most of the time and on Friday it was a beautiful spring day, in the 70’s  Here is what my jonquils looked like on Friday.

100_1218  100_1225100_1221

Here is what they looked like this morning before we went to church.  Notice all of the footprints from our little dog and the hubby who went out to see how much snow we had at that time.





This is our deck at 6:30 this morning.  When we got home from church we had much more snow yet. We had around 12 inches total since 4:00 yesterday afternoon, along with sleet and lots of rain.

Hopefully, it will all be gone by Tuesday or Wednesday when it gets into the'60’s.  I have been doing some makeovers since I last posted.  I got these 5 boxes at work and made them over.  I didn’t know how it would work since they were a slick paper but I sanded them down and then painted and stained them.


100_1208 They look better in person but they did turn out well.  I had to give some of them 2 coats of paint so the design wouldn’t show underneath.  I also finished a checkerboard that I had been working on for sometimes.  I didn’t have the white checkers aged for these pictures.  I also have a shelf that I made over last summer that I finally hung in my bathroom.  There are too many things that get in my way for things that I like to do.



100_1212 This is a little bowl that I found at the Goodwill several weeks ago.  It had a bird painted in it with several other paintings.  I, of course, painted it black.  I just have to find the right place for it now.

We have started our garden for this summer.  We already have potatoes, radishes, lettuce, onions and beets planted.  The lettuce, radishes and onions were growing before the wonderful snow of this weekend.  I am hoping the snow acts as a blanket for it rather than just freeze everything.



A good friend of ours has been doing square foot gardening for several years and told us how it worked for her so my husband built boxes and this is what we have coming up so far.  I will have an herb bed this.  I just love herbs, they smell so good and taste so good when you use them fresh.

It’s off to the start of another week.  Hopefully, it won’t be so long before I post again.  Everyone have a great week and as always, thank you for your sweet comments.