Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Terry

Tomorrow, September 26, is my husband’s birthday.  I wish I had some pictures of him when he was a small child but I don’t.  He was adopted when he was around 2 1/2 years old and had a wonderful family growing up.  He could not have asked for a better family. 

My husband likes to fish and go to football games and baseball games.  He also goes with me on my antiquing escapades and likes to help me decorate, on occasion.  He has a great eye for things.  He was in the architectural field for many years so he is very wise about things like that.  He will NOT paint though.  He totally refuses to do that.  Right now he is out in his kayak fishing and tomorrow after church, we will go to lunch at a restaurant called “Monte Ne Inn”.  It is a family style restaurant that only serves fried chicken and they serve it family style.  That is his choice for lunch tomorrow.  Great way to keep your weight off (HA)!  He has lost a around 120 lbs, give or take a few, all on his own.

Here is a picture of him, last Thanksgiving, after eating a big lunch and before he lost all of his weight.  We were at my cousins house and playing mexican train dominoes in the background.

Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 009

He does this best.


Here he is with my cousin and her husband.  I always kid him about having no hair but he says there is no upkeep.


He is a photographer also and has done weddings and entered many contests and done well.  This is at Niagara Falls this summer.

Our daughter is such a daddy’s girl.  Of course, I think most daughters are, I was.

Happy Birthday dear and may you have many more!!!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope he enjoys his birthday meal. There's a little place in Texas that we like to go to that only has 2 things on the menu - fried chicken and chicken fried steak. It's one of our stops when we are at TMS for the Nascar races.

Janet - underthewillow said...

Happy Birthday to your hubs Maxine!...and give him a High5 for losing all that weight WOW!!


Gail said...

God made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair...I read that somewhere.

Wow, that is a weight loss worthy of a prize.

Happy Birthday to your hubby and may he have a million more, each one happier than the last.

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Happy Belated birthday to your hubby!

I always appreciate your visits and sweet comments. :)

Nezzy said...

A very happy belated birthday to your dear hubby.

I just popped in to see how you are doin'.

Ya'll have the most wonderfully blessed and beautiful 'fall' day!!! :o)