Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Hometown!!! and Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is so cold outside.  This is the coldest I can ever remember.  Our high today was 15 with a –5 wind chill.   Our high tomorrow is 9 with a negative wind chill. OH MY!!!  Next week though, back into the 40’s.  I’m just thankful that we are not getting the snow the states up North are getting.  I really do feel for them.  We would be stranded for months if we had something like that.
I haven’t done anything special in the way of decorating or putting my house together in any special way since Christmas and the New Year so I thought I would show you where I was raised.  I always like to see other parts of the country.  The part of the country where I was raised is totally different than where I live now.  In Western Oklahoma the wind blows, a lot, and what few trees there are, all lean to the north.  If there is anyone from that part of the country that is reading this, I am sure you will know what I am talking about.
Here are some pictures of the countryside. This picture is  rather blurry but there are lots of windmills to get the water out of the wells for the cattle.  This is cattle and wheat country.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 022
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 028
These pictures were taken at Thanksgiving and this is a flock of wild turkeys that was crossing the road.  There were probably 30 in the flock all totaled.
This is just one of the many fields of cattle that are grazing on the green wheat that will be harvested next spring, probably late May or June.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 036
There is a lot of drilling for oil and gas in this part of the country.  They have to go down around 35,000 feet on some of the wells but they are great wells.  This is called the Anadarko basin.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 043
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 044
This is a picture of my 83 year old mother, soon to be 84. She gets around so well, still drives, keeps her own house and manages her own affairs.  She was born and raised in a German Mennonite community called Corn, OK. It used to be spelled Korn but during WWII the spelling was changed.  Her father immigrated from Ukraine and this is where they settled.  When she and my dad married they moved from this area  but she still has several relatives and friends here.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 068
These are some pictures of my home town. Don’t laugh at the name, and no, it wasn’t named after a cow.  I went to school here through the 8th grade and then I had to transfer to an area high school.  I am a very small town girl.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 052
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 047
My sister got married in this little church, many years ago and this is where we went when I was at home.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 054
I played many a basketball game in this gym and also ran lots of laps getting ready to play basketball. I think small towns have lots of advantages, in some ways.   People are always ready to help in any way they can in any type of situation.  There are also disadvantages but I think the good outweighs the bad.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 057
This was one of the local grocery stores.  It is now closed along with all of the other businesses; except the co-op elevator.  That is one of the sad things about going home; but there are larger towns around.
Thanksgiving, Bessie, & Corn, OK 013
This is the house I was raised in.  It looks NOTHING like it did when we lived there.  My parents always kept it up, the yard was immaculate and everything was so pretty.  They sold it right before my father passed away 28 years ago and this is what has happened to it.
My sister and I  didn’t walk to school, we had to ride the bus because we lived out in the country.  We would get on the bus about 7 in the morning and get to school around 8.  It was fun except waiting in the cold for the bus.
I hope you enjoyed my part of the world where I grew up.  It is nothing fancy but it is home for me.
Have a safe and warm weekend and I’ll be back later.


Sunny said...

Thank you for such an enjoyable journey, it's always fun to see other places.
How wonderful that your Mom is so independent at her age, she certainly doesn't look 83.
Stay warm, Spring isn't too far away.
Sunny :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Fellow Okie :) I enjoyed the pictures tremendously! I have never been to Corn or Bessie so its's nice to see pictures. They both look like charming little towns. Your Mom looks wonderful, and how nice she still is so independent! My grandma lived to be 96 and she stayed out at the farm by herself (Canton, OK) until about a year before she passed. There is something to be said about farm living I think! Stay warm - I can't get over the temperatures we are having. Good to hear from you!

Janet - underthewillow said...

What a great post! Thank you for sharing your history with us!


Robby said...

Maxine I loved your little tour....laughed at the name Bessie!!!! Your Mum looks amazing for 83!!!! What a great post!!!! xxxRobby

ps...thank you for the comments on my blog.

the primitive country bug said...

Thank you for the tour around your childhood home. What wonderful memories of such a beautiful and peaceful place.

I'd be happy to send you some snow if you want more. :)
HUgs~ Birgit

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

I enjoyed the tour! I can't imagine trees all leaning one way because of the winds! How strange! But I'm sure every place on earth has something strange about it.
Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home!
And that is the truth!
Have a great week, Maxine!

Staci said...

Being familiar with both Bessie and Corn (I'm originally from Freedom) I so enjoyed this post!

Marie said...

Enjoyed your trip back home through pictures. I like OK. Our daughter and her family lives in Tulsa and we have been near OK City to visit her sister-in-law. We are not able to travel any more and I miss our trip through Arkansas to Tulsa. Sometimes we went the northern route through MO.

Kaaren said...

Hi Maxine,

This is the only way I have to answer your question that you left on my blog. You came up as a "no-reply" blogger and there's no email address on your profile either.

The lamp in my header that you asked about is made by Rowe Pottery and I bought it about 20 years ago in a shop in Medina, Ohio. However, I've seen all kinds of crocks that have been made into lamps with a lamp converter kit that can be bought in most lighting and hardware stores. As a matter of fact, I have one that my DH converted for me.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope that you make some time for yourself to continue to do the things you love to create. I know it's difficult when you have a full time job.


the painted quilt

Kath ~★The Olde Weeping Cedar ★~ said...

Hi Maxine!
I really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing where you gew up! Your mom looks wonderful she is still so independent! I have to tell ya...she surely does NOT look her age :)
I was wondering if you ever got the email i sent about the flooring? I so hope ya did...
Hope it's warmer there? It's s'posed to warm up here later in the week...YAY!

Have a wonderful week, friend.

Nezzy said...

Thanks for showin' us where your life began. Yep, this Ozarks farm chick has been though that part of Oklahoma ( I'm refraining from burstin' forth in song right now) where the trees are lean. I enjoyed the read.

I wanted to thank you for visiting and hoppin' on my blog. In the words of old Granny Clampett, "ya'll come back now, ya hear???

Farmchick said...

What a fun tour of your stompin' grounds! Thanks for sharing. Stop on over for a visit soon.

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

What fun to see your hometown and mom! She looks wonderful. And coming from NE I am taken by how FLAT it is there. You can see forever it seems! So different from around here.

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...


Wow! Your mom looks GREAT!

I thought it was interesting about the trees leaning to the north! Thanks for showing us your hometown!

Have a great day!